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Success Story Profiles A Specialist Offers Advice Japan Observer

March '09

SPECIAL REPORT: Ten Private, Unlisted Companies Set to Outperform in 2009 "Indulgent Parsimony Is the Key for Japan's Consumer Marketers" (Part Two) Japan Insight: How Are Small Companies Handling the Crisis? Three On-the-Ground Business Executives Chime In; Yen to Gain Strength from Foreign Profit Repatriation Tax Break; Etc.

February '09

TRADING COMPANIES: Getting Serious About Rare Metals

READER SURVEY: Possible Goldman Deal for Universal Studios Japan Is Bad Deal for US Taxpayers

"Indulgent Parsimony Is the Key for Japan's Consumer Marketers" (Part One) Japan Insight: Saint-Gobain Hopes for Key to Japan Tech; Belgian Pharma Firm UCB To Remain Focused on Japan; Etc.

December '08

DEAL UPDATE: As Always, Japan Is a Bit Different "Ideas for Training Your Japan Salesforce" Japan Insight: Ajinomoto Details Strategy; Xinhua Finance Remains on Mothers; Cost Causes More Foreign Companies to De-List in Japan; An Old Japan Hand Now Advising Obama; ‘Obama Bonds’ Coming to Japan?; Etc.

November '08

STAFF LAYOFFS: Big cuts On the Way For IBM Japan

Credit Crunch in Japan: Japanese Companies Remain Relatively Cash-Rich

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: With Former Chairman of Outback Steakhouse Japan Japan Insight: Dance Comedy and Rakugo Abroad; What Shochiku Co.’s Problems May Mean for Kabukiza Theatre; Obama Marketing at JR West?; Etc.

October '08

SPECIAL REPORT: Japan's Under-the-Radar Technologies (Part Two)

Credit Crunch in Japan: Winners and Losers Already

"How to Have a Clear Hiring Strategy for Japan" Japan Insight: Free Trade Agreement with Indonesia is All About Energy and Imported Labor; Zeiss Planetarium in Hokkaido; Etc.

September '08

SPECIAL REPORT: Japan's Under-the-Radar Technologies (Part One)

Is Japan Ready to Embrace the Global Delivery Model?: The Wipro Japan Story

"Power to the People -- New Developments in Japan's Electricity Market?" Japan Insight: Soren Celinder Leaves Pfizer, Goes Fishing...While Iwasaki Soothes the Staff...and Pfizer Japan Avoids Additional Staff Cut Expenses in Nagoya; Etc.

August '08

SPECIAL REPORT: What's Next for Japan's Real Estate Market

INDUSTRY FOCUS: Expert Networks are Coming to Japan

"Selections from the Best Academic Research on Japan's Companies and Industries" (Part Two) Japan Insight: Engineered Blue-Fin Tuna Must Still Pass the Taste Test; Sakai City's Power Plant Puts It on the Map -- Finally; Etc.

June '08

SPECIAL REPORT: The Importance of Japan to Goldman Sachs


"Lessons in How Japan Reduced Traffic Deaths from Motorcycles" Japan Insight: New Eco-Housing Brand Comes Out of Tostem-Inax Merger; Why .jp Domains Are Safer and More Secure; Ignorance of Muslims Not Limited to Anime Creators; Etc.

May '08

Catching Up to Where It Should Already Be: The Siemens Japan Story

Going After the Mass Affluent: The HSBC Japan Story

"Selections from the Best Academic Research on Japan's Companies and Industries" (Part One) Japan Insight: Goldman Builds Its Own Keiretsu in Japan; Mangajin is Still Available; Etc.

April '08

Looking for Rich Dentists: The Sirona Dental Japan Story

Caterpillar Japan Re-Do: Caterpillar Takes Over at Shin-Caterpillar Mitsubishi

"Tips on Finding and Using Quality Japan Business Information Sources" Japan Insight: Lone Star Will Likely Pay Some Back Taxes; Lehman Has Itself to Blame In Marubeni Quarrel; More on Linc Media’s Failed Deal; Etc.

March '08

SPECIAL REPORT: Twelve Independent, Unlisted Firms Set to Outperform in 2008

"Excessively-Profitable": The Puma Japan Story

"Influencing Policy Outcomes in Japan and How to Lobby"


Japan Insight: Linc Media Deal With US Firm May Be On The Rocks; Newell Rubbermaid Buys Aprica Kassai; Etc.

February '08

SPECIAL REPORT: The Pharmacy Business in Japan

Seeking to Thrive as a Niche Imported Brand: The Ford Japan Story

"How Japanese Citizens' Groups Use the Internet"


Japan Insight: Microsoft's Yahoo! Bid Could Shake Things Up in Japan; Etc.

December '07

Making Adhesives and Haircare a Winning Combination: The Henkel Japan Story

Wholesale Bank Makes Households A Priority: The Standard Chartered Japan Story

"Solutions for Non-Japanese Engineers Working with Japanese"


Japan Insight: Hedge Fund DB Zwirn Invests in Japan; Sudden Death of Skadden Japan Partner Raises Questions; Etc.

November '07

Free Sample Issue

A Merged Company Tries to Raise Its Profile: Nokia Siemens Networks Japan

Prudential Japan: Preparing Gibraltar Brand for the Bank Channel

"Japanese Management Leads to Edge in IP Cultivation" (Part Two) Japan Insight: Shire Pharma's Growing Japan Business; Neo Market Finally Gets a Listing; Small Software Firm Challenges IBM with Japanese Baseball; Etc.

October '07

Cardinal Japan Hospital Products: Two Years to a "Transformative Acquisition"

McCann-Erickson Japan: "We Compete with Agencies Ten Times Our Size"

"Racing Ahead at the Speed of Light: Foreign Investors Target IP" (Part One) Japan Insight: Slow LNG Spot Market Development; Rohm & Haas Japan Continues Restructuring; Etc.

September '07




March '07

SPECIAL REPORT: Twelve Private, Unlisted Companies Set to Outperform in 2007

An Under Re-Insured Market, and Risk Swaps Too: The Swiss Re Japan Story

"Understanding the Evolution of the Otaku Concept, and How to Market to Otaku" Japan Insight: Ellis and Ebner Take Stakes in Japan: Another SSJ Exclusive; Etc.

February '07

SPECIAL REPORT: Money Management and Hedge Funds in Japan: The Importance of Establishing an Equity Culture

Encouraging Efficiency in Routine Medical Practices: The Smiths Medical Japan Story

"Increased Activity in Senior Housing --But Will Foreigners Notice?" Japan Insight: Circuit City Chairman Seeks to Gain Membership on Board of Super-Elite Japanese Golf Club; Nakayama Shoji's Partnership with Kawasaki Heavy Industries; Etc.

December '06

SPECIAL REPORT: Japan's Emerging Energy Efficiency Technologies

Management Secrets in Medical Devices: The Medtronic Japan Story

"The Importance of Establishing a Hybrid Culture in Cross-Border M&A" Japan Insight: Is Softbank Stupid, or Just Getting Sloppy?; Etc.

November '06

SPECIAL REPORT: Mobile Comics, Mobile Online Gaming, and 3G Rich Games in Japan

Scientific-Atlanta and Cisco in Japan: Next Up is Next-Generation IP

"Japanese M&A: The Deals That Never Close, and Why" (Part Two) Japan Insight: Pfizer Japan and Merck Banyu -- Back to Business After Japan Labor Turmoil?; Sazaby League Offers Fashion Brands as an Alternative; Etc.

October '06

SPECIAL REPORT: Changing Opportunities in Japan Real Estate, with a Special Focus on Government Asset Sales "Japanese M&A: The Deals That Never Close, and Why" (Part One) Japan Insight: Could It Be Goodbye to Marvel Japan?...And Hello to LCD-TV Maker Syntax-Brillian?; Campbell Soup Japan Survives Company Review, For Now; Etc.

From the Editors: "North Korean Missile Launch Will Stimulate Japan's Defense Sector"

September '06

Guthy-Renker Japan: A Direct Response TV Marketer Looks for the Best Ways to Make Money

Kameda Medical Center: What Aspects of a Great Hospital to Emulate?l

"Think Small, Stand Tall, Don't Fall: Japan's Growing MEMS Market" Japan Insight: Coffee Beverage Maker DyDo Drinco's D-1 is a Hit; JCB and Discover Credit Card Alliance Favors Both in the US, Neither in Japan; Etc.

From the Editors: "Our Tenth Year"

August '06

SPECIAL REPORT: The New Keiretsu of Sophisticated and Secretive Global Investment Groups in Japan

ISP Japan: There's Few Specialty Chemical Niches It Doesn't Seek to Fill

"The Next-Generation Battle Is Getting Redefined" Japan Insight: Hartford Japan Self-Reinsures to Avoid Having to Make a Second Enormous Capital Injection into its Japan Unit; Estee Lauder Japan Turns the Corner; Etc.

From the Editors: "Help Those Local Officials"

June '06

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Dr. Mark Scher on Japan's Postal Privatization and Why It May Not Go as Expected

Everpure Japan: Filtering Japan's Water in Food Service and More

"Divorce in Japan: What a Mess!" Japan Insight: Courtesy of AIG, Direct Marketing Tips for Japan; Itochu Ups Oddcast Stake in Avatar Race

From the Editors: "Japan -- An Energy Leader?"

May '06

Stryker Japan: Now, Better Opportunities in Medical Equipment

Hertz Japan: Profiting from the Boom In Japanese Individual Travel

"Hostile M&A in Japan" (Part Two of Two-Part M&A Special) Japan Insight: Ripplewood Unveils Its Secret Sauce for Sourcing Japan Deals

From the Editors: "More Kayama Yuzo's"

April '06

SPECIAL REPORT: A Very Successful Union Revolt at Pfizer Japan

Lucent Japan: Ready Again to Rise Again, and With a Merger Partner Now, Too

"The Evolution of 'Japan-Style M&A'" (Part One of Two-Part M&A Special) From the Editors: "Relationships, Good and Bad"

March '06

SPECIAL REPORT: Fifteen Japanese Independent Private Companies to Watch in 2006

Shinsei Bank: The Next Five Years Present Different Challenges

"Initiating a Direct Mail Campaign in Japan" Japan Insight: Japan to be Major Focus of Nestle's New 500 Million Euro Investment Fund; Deciphering Goldman's Newly-Lauched Japan Consumption Index; Etc.

February '06

Finally, the Year It's Been Waiting For: The Nihon Schering Story

Just Four Large Customers: The Teradyne Japan Story

"How Companies Are Reacting to Japan's New Privacy Law" Japan Insight: Citizens' Groups Become More Active; Softbank Revisited; Etc.

December '05

SPECIAL REPORT: Japan's Senior Housing Market

After Toshiba, It's Back to Being Small: The Electrolux Japan Story

"Effective Selling Techniques in Japan" Japan Insight: Tower Automotive Japan Focuses on Liaison, Looks to Asia; Measuring Japanese Companies by their Foreign Patents; Etc.

November '05

SPECIAL REPORT: Japan's Emerging Generic Drug Market

It's All About Having the Right Stores: The Timberland Japan Story

"Tapping Into the Japanese Mobile Economy" (Part Two) Japan Insight: More Capital for Contract Research Firm Moss Institute; Tough Times for Precision Valve Japan; Etc.

October '05

SPECIAL REPORT: Private Equity in Japan "Tapping Into the Japanese Mobile Economy" (Part One) Japan Insight: A Closer Look at the Japan Private Investment Activities of the Sage Capital Growth/Giuliani Partners Alliance; Etc.

September '05

Complexity Reigns, but Growth Nevertheless: The Sumitomo 3M Story

Grant Thornton Japan: Changes in the Financial Landscape Mean It's Time to Acquire

"A Direct Mail Vacuum Creates Opportunity for Foreign Marketers" Japan Insight: Swedish Firm Hoganas Challenges the Locals in Powdered Metal; Nintendo Finding It Rough to Build Ex-Asia Pokemon Team; Etc.

August '05

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Cultural Critic Murakami Takashi, Japan's 'Andy Warhol' "Ideas for Training Your Japan Salesforce" Japan Observer: "Do You Own a Gun?"

Japan Insight: Turnaround at Internet Networking Firm Internap Japan?

June '05

Daimler Chrysler Japan: Now It's All About Profitability

Door-to-Door Sales and a Traditional Style: The Bose Japan Story

"A Smorgasboard of Things to Know If You're Running a Firm in Japan" (Part Three) Japan Insight: Drug Discovery Firms Bringing Nanotechnology and a Renewed Chance for Independence to Japan Pharma; Etc.

May '05

SPECIAL REPORT: Raytheon and Discovering the Opportunities in Japan's Defense and Homeland Security Sectors "A Smorgasboard of Things to Know If You're Running a Firm in Japan" (Part Two) Japan Insight: Cosmetics firm Markwins International; Magazine publisher IDG Japan; Candid views from the former head of Outback Steakhouse's Japan joint venture; Etc.

April '05

Tecan Japan: A Business That is Ninety Percent Custom

Innovasia: A Small Company Helps Bring Choice in Commercial Interiors and Sees the Future of the Cinema, Hotel, Furniture and Hospitality Sectors in Japan

"A Smorgasboard of Things to Know If You're Running a Firm in Japan" (Part One) Japan Insight: Could Hartford Japan be Having Trouble?; JustSystem Decides How and When to Launch its XFY Software Product in the US; Etc.

March '05

Skandia's Legacy Helps Insurance Giant Millea Group

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Catching Up on Hitachi

"What China's Rising Network Entertainment Industry Means for Japan" (Part Two) Japan Insight: Watson Wyatt Adjusts to the Needs of Corporate Japan; Foreign Emergency Equipment Providers; Etc.

February '05

The Revlon Japan Story: After a V-Shaped Recovery, What Next?

Claria Japan: A Different Kind of Online Marketing Firm

"What China's Rising Network Entertainment Industry Means for Japan" (Part One) Japan Insight: Tegal Japan Looks to Future Technology; Etc.

December '04

The Shin Caterpillar Mitsubishi Story: Hoping 150,000 Customers Will Help it Restore Growth

Publicis Groupe: Is There a Japan Strategy Here?

"How to Have a Clear Hiring Strategy in Japan" Japan Insight: CR Bard Seeks Acquisitions; The Rise of Pre-Nuptial Agreements; Etc.

November '04

The Coleman Japan Story: Outdoor Recreation is Alot More than Just Camping

Jeld-Wen Japan: Doors Open in Japanese Housing

"Socially-Responsible Investment Upsets Japanese Business" Japan Insight: Tyco Electronics Japan Serves Customers Globally; New Rules Herald Increased M&A from China

October '04

The AIG Japan Story: Too Much for Japan's Regulators?

SPECIAL REPORT: A Look at Affymetrix and Japan's Biotech Industry

"Lessons of a Foreign Developer in Japan" Japan Insight: More on Lego Japan; Answering Questions on Danisco Japan; A New Private Equity Directory; Etc.

September '04

Ocular Sciences Japan: How it Introduces Western Management Practices

Danisco Japan: Sales of $100 Million and Still More to Do

"The Top Ten Expectations of Japanese Customers" SPECIAL REPORT: Japan's Technology Licensing Organizations (TLOs)

August '04

Schneider Electric Japan: Piggybacking in Machine Exports

Lego Japan: Fighting for Share of Mind

"The Soil Contamination Law in Japan: One Year Later" Japan Insight: Local Film Commissions Promote Localities; Mitsui's Investment in Quintiles Japan; Nihon Unisys' Projects; Etc.

June '04

A Japanese Company in All But Name: Nihon Unisys

A Small Company Does What It Needs: Entegris Japan

"The Most Important Best Practices for Foreign Tech Firms in Japan" (Part Two) Japan Insight: DBJ Sees Activity in Auto Parts, Semiconductors and Service; For Financial Firms, Hiring is Robust in Key Areas; Etc.

May '04

SPECIAL REPORT: Japanese Brands in the Coming Decade

They're Hiring!: The Quintiles Japan Story

"The Most Important Best Practices for Foreign Tech Firms in Japan" (Part One) Japan Insight: Bank of Japan Invests with Highbridge; Toppan Printing Acts as Agent for Small Firms; More on Lionbridge and Microsoft Japan; Etc.

April '04

Mobile, Telematics and Beyond: Qualcomm Japan

Becton Dickinson Japan: Good Government Relations and HR Systems

"Diary of an Acquisition Integration -- Japan Style" (Part Two) Japan Insight: US Style Guru Considers Japan; Japan's Small Company Potential; Second Tier B2B E-commerce Sites; Etc.

March '04

A Dual Strategy for Profit and Growth: Hennessy Japan

Lionbridge Japan: Still Not Targeting Its Best Opportunity

"Diary of an Acquisition Integration -- Japan Style" (Part One) Japan Insight: The Securitization Boom and What It Means for Law Firms; What FTC's Raid on Microsoft Japan Really Means; Etc.

February '04

4Kids Entertainment CEO Al Kahn Explains Why Japan is Key

Masco Japan: Cannibalizing the Weakness in the Market

"It's Time to Re-Energize Your Organization!'" Japan Insight: Health Services Opportunities in Japan after Emeritus and Beverly; SSJ Readers Got the Scoop on DoCoMo AOL and Den Fujita Well Before Others; Etc.

December '03

Campbell Soup Japan: Heading 'Beyond the Can'

Lectra Japan: Mastering Small Company Customers

"Japan's Media World as a 'Cultural Minefield'" Japan Insight: One City's Business Promotion Grants; Iwami Kagura; APU's Business School; Etc.

November '03

AGF/Kraft Japan: Profiting from 'Historical Baggage'

Alcatel Japan: Seeing Japan as a Telecom Laboratory

"Influencing Policy Outcomes in Japan" Japan Insight: X3D Negotiating to Bring 3D ads to Japan; Collecting Commercial Debts; Disorganized EDS; Etc.

October '03

Dresser Japan: Well-Known in the Energy Industry

Kone Japan: A Single Alliance that Works Worldwide

Excerpting Some of the World's Best Academic Research on Japan Business Japan Insight: A US Personal Products Brand Marketer Seeks Japan Expansion; More on Japan's First Foreign-Developed Shopping Mall; Etc.

September '03

Mastercard Japan: Focused on the Largest Opportunities

Corning Japan: Looking to Achieve a Better Balance

"Management Training and Organizational Development in Japan" Japan Insight: Estee Lauder Launches Another Brand; NYFix Seeks to Expand; More Signs of Interest in Japan's Creative and Cultural Content; Etc.

August '03

SPECIAL REPORT: Direct Marketing in Japan

BEA Systems Japan: Enabling Commerce 

"Japan Discovers Intellectual Property" (Part Two) Japan Insight: Advantage Partners Sees a Rosy Private Equity Future; Osaka Prefecture Hires Outside Firm to Help Attract FDI; Etc.

June '03

Benetton Japan: "We Changed Before the Typhoon"

ValueCommerce Japan: An E-Commerce Success Story

"Japan Discovers Intellectual Property" (Part One) Japan Insight: Korn Ferry on Executive Corporate Governance, Recruitment and more; Another network marketing company enters Japan; Etc.

May '03

Chanel Japan: Shiseido, Watch Out!

Biacore Japan: Building a Life Science Brand Name

"Driving Change Thru Union Participation Can Work" Japan Insight: What Some Major Japanese Companies Are Doing About SARS

April '03

SPECIAL REPORT: Whatever Happened to DoCoMo AOL?

Shop Channel Japan: "Deviate, and You're Dead"

"Management Practices that Don't Cross Borders" Japan Insight: Shinsei Launches Its Tech Department as a Separate Business Unit; The View on Japan from Spencer Stuart; Etc.

March '03

SPECIAL REPORT: Japan's Private Equity Market

Steelcase Japan: Changing the Office

"How Japanese Managers in China Ensure the Sharing of Corporate Values" (Part Two) Japan Insight: Why BP Japan Gave Up on its Retailing Strategy; An Incubator of Tech Ventures Remains True to Its Original Mission; Etc.

February '03

Invitrogen Japan: A Gateway to Government-Funded Opportunities

Avaya Japan: Poised for More Intense Competition

"How Japanese Managers in China Ensure the Sharing of Corporate Values" (Part One) Japan Insight: Family Workplace Programs at Toyota and Elsewhere Offer Opportunities for Service Firms; More on the Mechanics of Municipal Mergers, Etc.

December '02

Haemonetics Japan: In the Blood Business, It's Nice to Have One Big Customer

TBWA Japan: A Mix of Clients, A Combination of Styles

"Land Contamination in Japan -- An Investor's Guide" Japan Insight: Municipal Mergers in Japan; A Web Strategist Moves On; Etc.

November '02

Procter & Gamble Japan: Finding Its Way after Thirty Years

Volvo Japan: A Focus on Key Segments

"How We Were Able to Keep a Factory Open in Japan" (Part Two) "Do You Own a Gun?": A Contrast in Cultures

Japan Insight: Pepsi to Launch New Japan Brand; The Surprising Nature of a Possible Capex Recovery; Fuji Film Rumor; Etc.

October '02

Manulife Japan: Flexibility in Product, Flexibility in Approach

SPECIAL REPORT: The Progress, and Promise, of Structural Reform

"How We Were Able to Keep a Factory Open in Japan" (Part One) Japan Insight: The Government Tries to Sell a Restructuring Story; Obstacles Overture Will Face in Japan; Etc.

September '02

Vodafone Japan: "Our Ultimate Objective is to be #1"

Our Five-Year Anniversary Retrospective

"Recent Trends in Foreign Retailer Success in Japan" Japan Insight: P&G Japan seeks expanded packaging relationship; Hearst is set to license another of its magazines in Japan; Etc.

August '02

Reebok Japan: "A Work in Progress"

The Perkin Elmer Instruments Japan Story

"The Power of Motivation, Japanese-Style" Japan Insight: A UK environmental services firm and a major consulting competitor to Hewitt and Watson Wyatt explore Japan entry; Etc. 

June '02

A Sales Office for Each Customer: The Applied Materials Japan Story

As Japan Internationalizes, Berlitz is Ready

"Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons Managed by Anime Whiz-Kids?: Japan's Management Lessons in China, in Software Development and Beyond..." Japan Insight: Japanese Company Histories May Offer an Advantage; Etc.


May '02

Trying to Restore Growth: The Herbalife Japan Story

Variable Annuities Come to Japan: The Hartford Life Story

"Disruption: How the Mobile Internet is Changing Competition in Japan" Japan Insight: CDP Capital Makes Deals; The Japan Equity Research Business; Etc.

April '02

At the Right Time for Japan: The Guidant Japan Story

The Schenker Japan Story

SPECIAL REPORT: Japan Heads to New York For Foreign Investment

"What's Next for Japan's Pharmaceutical Industry? -- Lessons from Taisho -- Tanabe" (Part Two) Japan Insight: Ion Global Shifts Strategy; Cigarette Marketing Japan-Style; Starbucks Competitor Still Seeks JV Partner; Etc.


March '02

Keeping Expenses Low Increases Flexibility: The Lexmark Japan Story

SPECIAL REPORT: Is There Any Cause for Optimism About Japan? On-the-Ground Executives Weigh In

"What's Next for Japan's Pharmaceutical Industry? -- Lessons from Taisho -- Tanabe" (Part One) Japan Insight: Gymboree, NetYear Group, Morgan Stanley's McAlinden; Biomedical Company Withdraws; E! in Japan; Etc.


February '02

Steady Progress in a Closed Market: The Knorr-Bremse Story "It's Time for a Revolution in Japan"  

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: NEC's Executive Responsible for Its Company-Wide Restructuring Effort


December '01

Disney Internet Group: Preparing Today for a Wireless Tomorrow

National Semiconductor Japan: Keeping Its Ear to the Ground

"Profitable Management Lessons from the Call Center" A Night at the Hostess Bar

Japan Insight: Pharmaceutical Merger Rumours; Ripplewood and Foreign Managers; JCCI Dinner; Etc.

November '01

IMS Japan: Essential Pharmaceutical Sales Data

Emery Japan: Structuring Itself To Be Like Its Customers

"Restructuring a Customer Responsive Sales Organization in Japan" (Part Two) Japan Insight: The Good and Bad in Goldman's NPL analysis; Anime in New York (Finally); Wilbur Ross at Japan Restructuring Summit; Celebrating 'Engrish'; Etc.

October '01

Chelsea Japan: Premium Outlets

Tower Records Japan: "We Still Have Room to Grow"

"Restructuring a Customer Responsive Sales Organization in Japan" (Part One) Staying At the Company Dormitory

Japan Insight: Circuit City Chairman's Japan Golf Club Isn't Where Most of Us Play; Revisiting Secom and Bellsystem24; Renting a Mobile Phone; Etc.

September '01

INDUSTRY FOCUS: Japan's Credit Card Industry

Parker Hannifin Japan: Executing a "More Forceful" Approach

"Building Consensus at Meetings, and Making Expectations Realistic" Japan Insight: Allstate's Withdrawal; US Private Equity Shops in Japan; Former American Express Japan President on the Value of a Japan Assignment; Etc.

August '01

SPECIAL REPORT: The Financial Health of Corporate Japan "A Japan Acquisition That (Luckily) Never Closed" (Part Two) Japan Insight: Internet Cafes As An Opportunity; Which Execs are Flying to Japan?; St. Jude Medical; Japan as a Stepping Stone; Etc.

June '01

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH BP JAPAN PRESIDENT GORDON SOUTER "A Japan Acquisition That (Luckily) Never Closed" (Part One) Japan Insight: BT's Japan Withdrawal; Bankruptcy Data on i-mode; Big Atmel Contract with Matsushita; Japan's Elementary Schools; Etc.

May '01


Second-Half Inbound (to Japan) M&A Review

"The Most Important Ten Percent" Japan Insight: Trans Cosmos Cuts Its Losses with Encomp; 3G Mobile Japan Summit; AT&T's Armstrong at Japan FDI Seminar; Etc.

April '01

BS Group: Acquiring a Leader in One of Japan's Most Insular Industries The Mobile Internet Market: Lesson's from Japan's i-Mode (Part Two) INDUSTRY FOCUS: JAPAN'S HEALTH CARE REFORM PROMISES TO CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES

March '01

SAP Japan: Can it Stay on Top as Tech Changes?

Danzas Japan: Logistics Provider Will Profit from Some Key Relationships

The Mobile Internet Market: Lesson's from Japan's i-Mode (Part One) Convenience Store Chains Try to Distinguish Themselves

February '01

SPECIAL REPORT: The Coming Battle for Japanese Creativity and Cultural Content

Volkswagen Japan: Leading Import Benefits from Clear Strategy

Environmental Due Diligence in Japan: An Investor's Guide Japan Insight: Insiders' Update on AOL Japan's alliance with NTT DoCoMo (and Time Warner, too)

December '00


Health Information on the Internet: A Growing, Under-Served Market

Japan Insight:IBM Japan, Gymboree; HP and Lehman Brothers; Etc.

November '00

Nestle Japan: Partnering for Distribution EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW (PART ONE): BANKRUPTCY ACQUIROR WILBUR ROSS OF WL ROSS & CO. Japan Insight: General Dynamics; JC Penney Direct; A Revealing Look at Municipal Finances; Etc.


October '00

Levi Strauss Japan: Reengineering Products and Processes

Denny's Japan: US Brand, Japanese Execution

Foreign Healthcare Companies Offer Training to Facilitate Change It's Still Hard to Order a Book Online in Japan

Japan Insight: The Boom in Airport Construction; New Accounting Rules; Ministry Advisory Panels; Etc.

September '00


First Half 2000 Inbound (to Japan) M&A Review

How We Hire Well, and Protect Ourselves from Local Labor Laws Japan Insight: Two More Entrants to the Education Market; Cargill and Toshoku after the Close; Wooing Postal Savings Bureaucrats; Newspapers and Branding; 4Kids Entertainment; Etc.

August '00


Beverly Enterprises Expands in Senior Healthcare Services

Influencing Policy Outcomes in Japan - Impacting the System Japan Insight: Leading   Researchers on Corporate Governance, Tokushu Hojin, NTT Docomo's Dominance, JAL Operational Practices, Shoei and Hostile Takeovers; Etc.

June '00

Avon Products Returns to Growth in Japan

Peripheral Patent Battles Don't Affect Visx and Summit

Seven Reasons Why Japanese Call Centers are Different (Part Two) Japan Insight: Major Japanese Companies that Abandon or Sell Net businesses; BP Amoco and AM/PM Japan; Broadvision Extends Its Wings; GM auto parts supplier Lear; Etc.

May '00

SPECIAL REPORT: Online B2B Trading Communities Head to Japan

AutoLiv Benefits from Small, Strategic Acquisitions

Seven Reasons Why Japanese Call Centers are Different (Part One) Japan Insight: A Specialty Retailer; AFLAC; Nihon Keizai Shimbun; Japan Marketing; Funeral Products; Etc.

April '00


1999 Inbound (to Japan) M&A Review

The Things Foreign Businesspeople Do that Really Annoy Japanese (Part Two): The Importance of Hansei Japan Insight: Fujitsu and Dialog; Another Coffee Retailer to Enter Japan; Kennedy-Wilson CEO; Etc.

March '00

T. Rowe Price: A New Entrant Finds the Right Partner

Encyclopedia Britannica: A Diversity of Businesses to Position for the Future

The Things Foreign Businesspeople Do that Really Annoy Japanese (Part One) SPECIAL REPORT: Foreign Venture Capitalists Prepare to Put Their Mark on Japan

February '00

Coherent Medical: From Exporter to JV to Owned Operations

Kohler: "Such Promising Opportunities -- It Behooves Us to Figure It Out"

Real and Virtual Retailing Show Signs of Convergence in Japan EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH MARUBENI'S HIDEYA TAIDA

December '99

Microsoft: Staying on Top in a Market that Sets Trends

Eddie Bauer: Exploiting a Successful Japan Multichannel Strategy

Human Resources in Japan M&A (Part 2) NA

November '99

Federal Express: Growing Up in Japan

Three-Five Systems: Japan Distribution Helps Proprietary Technology Firm

Human Resources in Japan M&A (Part 1) A Meeting at Softbank

October '99

Putnam Investments: A Wholesale Strategy in Funds Distribution

Dana and Walbro: An Auto Parts Forum:

Adapting Successful Training Techniques for Japan NA

September '99

Dole Foods: Revolutionizing Food Distribution

Republic Bank: Foreign Exchange Becomes a Big Business

Not all Foreign Company Japanese Websites Are Created Equal Visiting a Japanese Trade Show

August '99

Fidelity Investments: Educating the Market

Dow Chemical: A Global Supplier

Research Tools for Doing Business in Japan A Guest of Japanese Companies

June '99

Johnson Controls: A Successful JV Turnaround

Hertz: Linking with Toyota in the Rental Car Market

Diary of a Deal: Crossborder Japan M&A Inside a Japanese Home

May '99

IBM's E-Business Ad Campaign

Emeritus Corporation: Assisted-Living Senior Housing Provider

Using Japan's Bankruptcy Process for Acquisitions (Part 2) Automatically Japan

April '99

Ardent Software: Data Warehousing Firm

El Torito: Mexican Restaurant Chain

Using Japan's Bankruptcy Process for Acquisitions (Part 1) Japanese Courtesy

March '99


Japan's Financial Services Industry


February '99

PSINet Japan: Internet Service Provider EXCLUSIVE SURVEY OF FOREIGN COMPANIES IN JAPAN: Market Entry and Profitability The Life Long Bonds of University Students

December '98

MBIA/Ambac International: Financial Guarantees/Insurance

Howmet: Gas Turbine Engine Parts

Lobbying Strategies in Japan A Street View of Tokyo

November '98

TBWA Worldwide: Advertising Agency

MA Hanna: Engineered Plastics

Japan's Consumer Electronics Industry Fogotten Shikoku

October '98

Symantec: PC Software

Eichrom Industries: Resins for Analysis of Radioactive Elements

Japan's Internet Industry A Visit to the Doctor

September '98

Gentex Japan: Auto Parts

Oregon Potato: Potato Products

Successful Meetings Going '3L' Shopping

June '98

Town & Country Cedar Homes: Portable Housing

Deco Tools: Industrial Painting Equipment

Manufacturing to Rigorous Specifications Rural Japan

May '98

Merit Medical: Medical Equipment

Prairie Cajun: Seafood

Negotiating Men's Haircuts

April '98

Progressive Electronics: Electronic Instruments

SIT Strings: Guitar Strings

Japan's Hi-Tech Industry Guns in Japan

March '98

Hanna Andersson: Children's Clothing Catalogues

OI Analytical: Analytical Instruments

Japan's Retail Industry Convenience Stores

February '98

International Hobbycraft: Toys/Hobbies

International Enzymes: Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

Japan's Healthcare Industry How Japanese View Foreigners

January '98

Met One: Environmental Measuring Equipment

Matt Brewing: Beer

Japan's Chemical Industry The Commuting Life

December '97

Fran Wilson Creative: Cosmetics

Alden: Do-it-Yourself Home Tools

The Importance of Local Representation Hostess Bars

November '97

Eastbay: Sporting Goods Catalogues

Aeroglide: Industrial Driers

Profile of Japanese Distributor: Software College Students

October '97

Trimedyne: Surgical Lasers

TPI: Telephone Equipment

Etiquette Street Life in Tokyo

September '97

Fisher Space Pen: Hi-Tech Writing Instruments

GPI: Recycling Equipment

Partnering Suburban Homes

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