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Highlights: August 1999 Issue

Fidelity Investments: An Effort to Educate the Market

Fidelity Investments plans to use its strength, size and reputation to compete in Japan's rapidly-deregulating fund and defined-contribution marketplaces without tying-up with a major Japanese firm.  Unlike many foreign financial services firms in Japan, it has an integrated Japan strategy for educating investors and delivering service in multiple media, in multiple locations, through a diversity of firms.  Learn more in the first of our series on foreign financial services firms in Japan.

Dow Chemical: Being a Global Supplier Makes a Difference

Unique hiring and training strategies and long-established ventures with powerhouses like Sumitomo Chemical have allowed Dow Chemical Japan to broaden into a variety of new markets for specialty chemicals and performance materials while lessening its reliance on commodity chemicals.  The main goal has been to serve Japanese manufacturers globally -- read more of the details in this special profile.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

One of aerospace conglomerate Textron's divisions is shopping for Japan acquisitions; investment firm William Blair is opening a Japan office; a ranking shows mixed growth for Japan's most profitable foreign companies; and medical equipment firm Baxter points to Japan as its #1 growth market.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Research Tools for Doing Business in Japan":

A research specialist on Japan offers tips and advice for finding all kinds of little-known Japan information resources on the internet.

Japan Observer

As a guest of Japanese companies, the writer learned much about Japanese business culture and how to maximize the usefulness of his Japan trip.   He shares some lessons with you.

Plus much more...

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