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Highlights: April 2001 Issue

Opening Another Traditional Industry: Pachinko

One of Japan's domestic industries has revenue larger than the automotive sector, employs three times as many as its steel sector, and has 18 million regular customers. But because its innately Japanese character, it has been overlooked by foreign firms until recently.  Now BS Group of the UK has acquired one of Japan's top 20 pachinko parlor operators, and its Chief Executive explains how.

A Specialist Offers Advice: The Mobile Internet Market -- Lessons from Japan's i-Mode (Part Two)

The trade-off between richness and reach is just one of the ways that i-mode offers lessons to wireless market competitors in Japan and other markets.  When one examines wireless consumer business models in Japan, the lessons appear even more clearly.  Our contributor is a leading authority on Japan's mobile market, and Part Two of his analysis reveals where the market is headed.

Industry Focus: Japan's Health Care Reform

In addition to a falling stock market, a bad loan epidemic, a slowing economy and political uncertainty, Japan faces a challenge in maintaining a first-rate healthcare system.  In this Industry Focus, we discuss aspect of the problem, some of the key players and institutions, and how so many relatively narrow regulatory issues affect larger questions which are only beginning to be answered.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Wilbur Ross's Kofuku Bank starts off strongly; Japan executives speak frankly at Georgia Tech's Global Forum; METI and JETRO impose 'administrative reform' internally.

From the Editors

Yen values

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