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Highlights: February 1999 Issue

Exclusive Survey: Foreign Firms in Japan Resilient Despite Economy

How do managers of foreign companies in Japan feel about their experiences and their prospects?  Is Japan really more difficult than other markets?  Our exclusive survey of those who manage their company's Japan businesses everyday offers unique data and insights about the pricing, profitability, and market entry experiences of foreign firms in Japan, and what foreign firms really perceive as the most common obstacles to success.  Plus, predictions for when Japan's economy will recover, where the yen is going, and who the most admired foreign company in Japan is.  

PSINet: Riding a Growth Market, with Some Acquisitions Along the Way

PSINet recently acquired Japan ISPs Tokyo Internet, TWICS, and Rimnet, and plans to be a major player in the budding Japanese internet market.   But the strategy goes far beyond Japan.  We explain.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

A market opportunity outside Japan's major cities; an automatic translation service; opening retail stores is a community issue; a travel tip; scientific instrument distributors.

Japan Observer

The life-long bonds of university students is a phenomenon unlike any in the West.

Plus much more...

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