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Highlights: September 1998 Issue

Gentex: Brown Eyes are No Differerent than Blue Eyes

Lesson one for Gentex in Japan was learning that its distributor was a captive supplier for only one automaker.  Lesson two was the importance of opening up its own sales and engineering office in Japan.   Gentex is now a supplier to Toyota and others.  An auto parts success story.

Oregon Potato: Do It Their Way or Don't Even Bother...

Even the stories of companies that struggle in Japan provide insights from which others can benefit.  Oregon Potato has learned alot.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Successful Presentations to Japanese"

How to get attention and the right response when you present your company or your proposal to Japanese.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Deals, deals deals -- now is the time to reduce expenses in Japan and lay the foundation for the future;  September holidays -- gray hair welcomed; the state of Japanese distribution.

Japan Observer

Going '3L' shopping in Japan lets you know the size of things in Japan.  Like clothing.  Literally.  The author humorously presents his first-hand account.

Plus much more...

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