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Highlights: October 1998 Issue

Symantec: A Much Higher Level of Product Localization

Softcode, enablement, front-end user interfaces, and translation are four aspects of software localization that Symantec committed itself to when it opened an office in Japan.  Five years later, Japan sales are forty times higher than they were.  A foreign software success story.

Eichrom Industries: Wanted: A Technical Sales Force

Eichrom Industries sells a line of specialty chromatographic resins used in the nuclear industry for the analysis of radioactive elements.  That requires a technical sales force in Japan with the ability to sell to accounts beyond the ones it's served for years.   What does a technical salesforce offer that import agents don't?  Eichrom's Sales Director explains. 

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Foreign Marketers Use the Internet to Make and Save Money in Japan"

Japan's internet market is budding, and foreign companies are beginning to take advantage in a variety of ways, says this Japan e-business specialist.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Is it 'you', or is it 'President-san'?  Knowing the difference can make a difference; Two conferences help explain Japanese and Asian market structure; Some facts about Japanese ownership of consumer durables.

Japan Observer

When you visit a doctor in Japan, you learn quickly how different Japan's health care system is from those of other nations.  The author gives his first-hand account.

Plus much more...

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