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Highlights: March 2001 Issue

Japan Observer: Japanese Convenience Chains Try to Distinguish Themselves

The battle has only recently begun.   Japanese convenience store chains are attempting to distinguish themselves from one another, both online and in the products and services they offer in their stores.   Need a haircut?  Want to order a custom cake online?  Are you environmentally-concerned?  In the market for a fashionable toothbrush or online banking?  How about the history of cheese?  Our writer reviews the offerings of medium-sized and small chains as well as well-known operators like Family Mart, 7-11, am/pm and Lawson.

SAP Japan: Can It Stay on Top as Tech Changes?

Can the traditional ERP software market leader maintain its lead against the increasing number of competitors offering supply-chain management, online trading and other enterprise software?  The story of SAP Japan is the story of a market still largely unpenetrated by ERP implementations.  SAP's Japan president explains the opportunity.

A Specialist Offers Advice: The Mobile Internet Market -- Lessons from Japan's i-Mode (Part One)

The trade-off between richness and reach is just one of the ways that i-mode offers lessons to wireless market competitors in Japan and other markets.  When you examine contents and applications, and what's on the service menu, there are some specific dynamics which will affect how quickly, and in what manner, i-mode will grow.  Our contributor is a leading authority on Japan's mobile market, and his analysis is revealing.

Danzas Japan To Profit from Some Key Relationships

Using its affiliations with Deutsche Poste, Maruzen AEI and DHL International, Danzas Japan finally has the critical mass it needs to grow its share in Japan's massive market for logistics and freight forwarding services.  Now it plans to take advantage of those affiliations to grow its share of Japan's exports.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Is GE's acquistion of Toho Mutual LIfe pulling it down?  And a leading business printing chain with nearly 350 locations worldwide is headed to Japan.

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