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Highlights: December 2000 Issue

Henkel Japan: Can It Double Its Japan Business by 2005?

That's the goal of Henkel's Japan president, Gerhard Schlosser.  Henkel's beauty, cosmetics, do-it-yourself, automotive and specialty chemicals businesses are all forming key alliances for growth in Japan.   And Henkel aims for Japan to become a center of R&D competence for several of its global businesses.  But there are many challenges as well, in selling strategies, e-commerce, and the willingness of Japanese companies to partner.

A Specialist Offers Advice: Health Information on the Internet is an Under-Served Market Opportunity

Our specialist this month summarizes the peculiar state of affairs for healthcare in Japan -- government is paralyzed; the elderly population is exploding; costs are skyrocketing; insurers are in peril; and patients lack the knowledge they need to ensure good health.  Health information services on the internet will help change all of this, and our contributor makes the case for an opportunity your company can exploit.

Exclusive Interview: Wilbur Ross, Chairman, WL Ross & Co. (Part Two)

In Part Two of our exclusive interview (Part One appeared in the November issue), investment banker Wilbur Ross explains in greater detail thte goals and approach of his investor group in Japan.  "Troubled companies don't usually just get better magically, you have to fix them," he explains.

Although his group's Tokyo Sowa bank acquisition fell through late last month, Ross looks forward to years of opportunity in Japan, acquiring distressed banks and industrial companies via the bankruptcy process and turning them around.  "It doesn’t help anybody by leaving a company with more debt than it can handle."

Ross has been involved in some of the most famous bankruptcy and turnaround cases of recent decades, including Drexel Burnham Lambert, Donald Trump's Taj Mahal casino, Banco di Napoli, Texaco, and Trans World Airlines. Now, as head of the Asia Recovery Fund, he has turned his attention to Japan and Korea.  Ross further discusses his group's bankruptcy acquisition strategy in Japan, in Part Two of our interview.  Corporate executives, bankers, and bankruptcy lawyers interested in executing Japan acquisitions, as well as observers interested in how Japan's business environment is being transformed by foreign companies, cannot afford to miss this issue.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Children's marketer Gymboree seeks a Japan master franchisee; How does IBM Japan prioritize so many technology research and development projects at its Tokyo Research Lab, and provide proper incentives to its research staff?; Hewlett-Packard and Lehman Brothers CEOs tell Japan how to restore growth; etc...

From the Editors

On partnering in Japan, some lessons learned...

Plus much more...

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