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Highlights: February 2001 Issue

Volkswagen Japan: The Leading Import Benefits from Clear Strategy

There are reasons why Volkswagen sells far more vehicles in Japan than any other foreign car maker.  Aggressive promotion, clear branding, consistent advertising, well-trained salesmen, and a whole lot more.  As usual, our profiled company's Japan president describes what's been tried and what's been a success.  If you're involved or interested in Japan's changing car market and the strategies that cause consumers to respond, you should not miss this article.

Special Report: The Coming Battle for Japanese Creativity and Cultural Content

The popularity of powerful video games and wireless entertainment services, and a continuing Japanese influence in entertainment, retail, and leisure industry trends outside of Japan, has caused an increasing number of non-Japanese companies to seek out, for cooperation (and perhaps, merger) Japanese companies whose offerings and ‘creative assets’ may potentially have great appeal to consumers in other markets.  Entertainment, wireless and telecom companies ranging from Disney and Motorola to Bertelsmann and Intel have already quietly taken positions.  But dozens of lesser-known companies with proven management and creativity remain independent.   In this exclusive Special Report, we discuss dozens of companies and evaluate which Japanese cultural trends are likely to be well-received in North America, in Europe, and in Asia.  

A Specialist Offers Advice: Environmental Due Diligence in Japan -- An Investor's Guide

In the last five years, Japan’s government has been preparing a range of environmental regulatory measures which aim to close the gap between its own regulations and those in the US or Europe.  This latter trend has gone unnoticed by some foreign investors unfamiliar with the Japanese legal system and approach to environmental compliance.  The likely result is that many companies seeking to acquire manufacturing plants, real estate or other commercial facilities will be caught out with expensive environmental liabilities.  That is, unless they read this guide to environmental due diligence in Japan and learn the full range of issues they should be prepared to address.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Insiders give an update on the direction of AOL's alliance with NTT DoCoMo, and how AOL Japan's integration with Time Warner's various Japan units will affect how it develops.

From the Editors

Japan's assets in 2001...

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