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Highlights: October 2001 Issue

Premium Outlets: The Chelsea Japan Story

"Japanese love to go shopping," laughs Les Chao, Chairman of Chelsea Japan.  The REIT that operates Woodbury Commons in the US has recently, with its Japanese partners, opened two discount outlet centers in Japan, and the only question is how well will they perform.  Chao explains Chelsea Japan's approach to retail outlet development, and discusses all aspects of its operation from site location and what the partners bring, to marketing the outlets and choosing the right tenants.  He calls one center "an unbelievable success."  Read why, and more, in this exclusive look into Japan's changing retail environment.

Japan Observer: Staying at the Company Dormitory

It's not exactly the Oriental, but Japanese male employees usually have it pretty good when they move in to their company's employee dormitory.  The staff cooks for them, cleans for them, does their laundry, etc.   And yet the men don't seem to enjoy themselves that much.  We offer a flavor of the Japanese experience, and draw insights from there.

"We Still Have Room to Grow": The Tower Records Story

49 stores in Japan and still going.   Tower Records succeeds in Japan by giving its stores a strong personality and a full catalog of music.  Sounds easy, but it's not.  Here Tower's Far East Managing Director explains how Tower Japan successfully competes not only with local music chains but also foreign retailers like HMV and Virgin.  From support of independent labels to savvy selection of store locations, Tower Records has defined music retailing in Japan.  But it has also had to modify the approach it adopts in other markets.  We explain.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Restructuring a Customer Responsive Sales Organization in Japan" (Part One)

In this first of a two-part series, the author, a former Vice President for Sales and Marketing Development for Revlon International, discusses the time consuming preparation and fact-finding he undertook to prepare for a restructuring of Revlon Japan's sales organization.  Those who desire to restructure their own company's Japan operations or those of a new acquisition should pay close attention to the experiences and lessons offered by our specialist this month.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Circuit City Chairman's Japan Golf Club isn't where most of us play; Investors take note: We still see Secom and Bellsystem24 as two companies with a bright future; The right way to rent a mobile phone on your next Japan business trip; Etc.

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