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Highlights: June 2000 Issue

Avon Returns to Growth

Although one of the most successful foreign consumer marketing companies in Japan, Avon went through a rough period in the late 1990s.   Slowing sales, high prices, excess costs, and other profit negatives.  Avon's Chief Operating Officer used to oversee the Japan operation, and in an exclusive interview, he explains a number of management approaches that have returned Avon to strong Japan profits in the beauty products market.  He also speaks about the peculiarities of being a publicly-traded company in Japan.

Patent Battles are Peripheral for Visx and Summit

In the late 1990s, laser vision correction technology firms Visx and Summit Autonomous both independently sued Nidek, a privately-held Japanese medical equipment maker, for patent infringement.  How did the battle turn out?  And what are the repercussions for Visx and Summit in a market where half the population may be near-sighted?  We explore.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Major Japanese companies abandon and sell off internet businesses, too -- we tell you which company and when;  What's BP Amoco planning to do now with the stake in AM/PM Japan it recently acquired along with Arco?; Broadvision is spreading its wings in Japan's B2C and B2B markets; General Motors supplier Lear finally follows its main customer to Japan, and has broader plans for the market; and more... 

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Seven Examples of How Japanese Call Centers are Different (Part Two)"

Telemarketing call centers are growing in importance in Japan, whether a company sells online or offline.  Our expert provides some insight to help you understand what you can expect in Japan, whether you outsource or set up a facility of your own.

From the Editors

China?  Not just yet...

Plus much more...

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