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Highlights: November 1998 Issue

TBWA Worldwide: Acquiring a Majority Stake in a Japanese Ad Agency

Foreign companies have traditionally been locked out of Japan's services industries.  But things are changing, and now TBWA Worldwide, a unit of giant Omnicom Group, has taken a majority stake in Nippo Advertising, one of Japan's top fifteen agencies.  Does it have a plan for Japan, or is it just bailing Nissan, Nippo's owner and one of TBWA's largest clients?  TBWA Worldwide's Asia-Pacific Chairman explains.  

Hanna Engineered Materials: A Three-Year JV Negotiation Process

UBE Industries and Hanna are linking up in a joint venture to serve Japanese automakers and manufacturers around the world with proprietary engineered plastics and rubber materials.  Negotiations sometimes take a little longer than you expect.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Key Success Factors Selling Mass-Market Electronics in Japan"

The author, a former head of the American Electronics Association in Japan, describes how a number of non-Japanese consumer electronics makers are actually finding profitable export markets for their products in Japan.  It's counter-intuitive, but not at all impossible, to succeed against the Japanese giants.   Find out more.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Take advantage of the fact that Japanese are more visually-oriented than Westerners; some executive positions are available; use Japan's bankruptcy process to make a Japan acquisition.

Japan Observer

Forgotten Shikoku is Japan's fourth main island, but one that is almost completely unpenetrated by foreign products.

Plus much more...

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