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Highlights: October 2000 Issue

Japan Observer: It's Still Difficult to Buy a Book Online in Japan

By now, we assumed it would be easy for a customer to order a book online in Japan.  But that's not what our investigator found.  She takes most of the main bookshops to task for the poor way they handle online sales.  Read her review of the online book-buying experience in Japan, and you'll see how far competitors still have to go to make the experience enjoyable.

Levi's Japan: ReEngineering Its Products and Processes

Although consumer spending remains slow in Japan, Levi's Japan has recently made major changes to its products, its marketing approaches and its strategy.  After nearly 30 years in the market, Levi's knows where it wants to go.  Its Japan president explains how it will get there.

Denny's Japan: A Foreign Brand Name, A Uniquely Japanese Execution

Denny's is much more than just another foreign restaurant brand that's done well in Japan.  That's because it's completely independent of its US origins; part of Ito-Yokado Group, Japan's largest convenience store chain; and a public company as well.  Find out what makes this chain so successful and what it's working on now, directly from one of its top executives.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

A small Swedish company joins the giants to battle for a piece of Japan's booming airport and airline systems market; Don't look now, but certain foreign company executives are being invited onto key ministry advisory panels; Market-based accounting laws mean more headaches for Japanese companies beginning this month.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Japan's Healthcare Industries Offer Training to Facilitate Change"

Japan's pharmaceutical and medical device industries are poised for major structural and regulatory changes.  That's why so many are implementing so wide a variety of executive, employee, and sales training programs.   Our specialist contributor describes the environment, and the approaches some leading foreign healthcare companies are taking.

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