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Highlights: August 2000 Issue

Beverly Enterprises Brings its Experience to the Senior Living Market

Japan has an enormous and fast-growing population of senior citizens, but few non-Japanese senior healthcare service companies have yet focused on the opportunities it presents.  That is, except US-based Beverly Enterprises, which has been building facilities in Japan since the late 1980s in a joint venture with Shimizu, one of Japan's largest construction companies.  Already with nine assisted-living facilities in Japan, Beverly is also now gearing up to provide home nursing care services across the country.  Beverly's top Japan executive explains how the company does business, and details some of its plans for the future.

A Rare Japanese Corporation

Which company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange has grown revenues and net income an average of 25 and 45 percent, respectively, per year, since 1995, and has seen its stock price more than quintuple over the same period, with a focus entirely on the home market?  Which listed Japanese service company takes financial disclosure so seriously that over 20 percent of its stock is now held by foreign investors?  It's Bellsystem24, a leading telecom business and marketing services company.  Enjoy our exclusive interview with its president, Yukio Sonoyama, as he discusses his company's growth, and his thoughts on mobile phone services, corporate governance and Japan's telecom services sector.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Some of the more thought-provoking papers presented and published at June's annual Association of Japanese Business Studies (AJBS) conference in Kanagawa discussed Japan corporate governance, NTT Docomo's dominance, operational practices at Japan Airlines, hostile takeovers after Shoei, and tokushu hojin.  We highlight summary findings, and more, from some leading Japanese business academics... 

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Influencing Policy Outcomes in Japan -- Impacting the System"

Now as never before, it is possible for foreigners to have a significant impact on Japan's policy-making, rule-setting and product approval processes.  Our expert, Bill Farrell, a former ACCJ Executive Director, offers the lessons of his experience and explains how to accomplish your goals.

From the Editors

One thing sorely missing from Japan's New Economy boom...

Plus much more...

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