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Highlights: September 1999 Issue

Dole Foods: Revolutionizing Food Distribution

Dole Foods, a growing power in Japan's fresh food industry, is quietly building its own fresh food production and distribution network in Japan.  A senior Dole Japan executive discusses Dole's success in overcoming Japan's traditional resistance to foreign participation in key industries.  With over 2500 Japan contract growers, over $700 million in Japan revenue, and an increasing number of budding relationships with food giants Ajinomoto, Snow and Itochu, Dole Japan is poised to increase its share of Japan's enormous fresh produce market.  Read the story here.   .

Republic Bank: Home-Delivery of Foreign Exchange

After over 20 years in Japan, Republic Bank has emerged as a leader in offering cash-management and other commercial banking services to companies in Japan.  And one of its major successes has been the foreign exchange business, where it is now setting trends by delivering foreign exchange directly to the homes and workplaces of its Japanese customers.  American Express recently piggybacked on Republic's distribution network to offer home-delivery of traveler's checks.  Second in a series on foreign financial firms in Japan. 

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

       As global retailers Costco and Carrefour open their first Japan stores, can giants Wal-Mart, Royal Ahold, Tesco and Casino be far behind?; Brush Wellman sees renewed Japan growth; a review of crossborder Japan M&A deals shows foreign companies can go-it-alone;  Forget Kyoden Corporation -- have you ever heard of Trigem Computer and CHS Electronics?   These firms add complexity to the seemingly simple story of Apple Japan's design-infringement lawsuit against Japan's Sotec Computer -- we explain;  

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Foreign Company Japan E-Commerce Websites: They're Not All Created Equal":

Japanese e-business specialists evaluate the Japanese-language e-commerce websites of some major foreign firms.  Evaluating three major efforts, they show that successfully going on the net in Japan involves more than just translating your company's home-country site.

Japan Observer

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