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Highlights: June 2001 Issue

Exclusive Interview: BP Japan President Gordon Souter

BP Japan is one of the world's largest energy firms.  With both Japan's energy and retail markets experiencing profound changes, BP Japan President Souter agreed to share his views on BP's Japan strategy and structure; Japan's energy deregulation; solar energy; self-service gasoline stations; energy technologies, and much more.  In an extensive interview, Souter also reveals what sort of alliances BP will be seeking in Japan, as it seeks to establish a major position in its enormous energy market.  This article is essential reading for anyone who requires an executive summary of major issues in Japan's energy markets today.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "A Japan Acquisition That (Luckily) Never Closed" (Part One)

Our specialist this month shares his first-hand experience negotiating the proposed acquisition of a small unit of a giant Japanese technology conglomerate on behalf of his foreign company client.  The seller displays "an arrogance that is fading away these days, but still lingers all too much in Japan."  But after the buyer analyzes the unit's Rules of Employment, personnel policies, salary and benefit programs, and is prohibited from communicating directly with the to-be-acquired employees, it chooses to withdraw.   Share the many key lessons learned in this exclusive inside view of the negotiation.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

British Telecom sells out of Japan Telecom  -- we go to an insider to find out what really happened; Now get bankruptcy data via i-mode; Small firm manages giant Matsushita contract with Atmel; A foreign executive's first-hand view of Japanese elementary school; Etc.

From the Editors

It might be globalization, but then again...

Plus much more...

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