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Highlights: March 2000 Issue

Special Report: Foreign Venture Capitalists Prepare to Put their Mark on Japan

So you've heard that the giants like Goldman Sachs and GE Capital are expanding their venture capital and private equity operations in Japan.  And that Softbank is investing in everything.  But you may not know that a bunch of other 'pure' VCs from outside Japan, some with names you've never heard of, are quite active.  They've invested in internet companies, technology firms, as well as uniquely-Japanese companies you would never find anywhere else.  Their knowledge and experience is unique and pioneering.  In this exclusive report you can't obtain anywhere else, we detail what real foreign VCs are doing (and planning to do) in Japan.   It may surprise you.

T. Rowe Price: A New Entrant Finds the Right Partner

Although it had been investing in Japan on behalf of non-Japanese investors for two decades, T. Rowe Price had never sought to market its investment products to Japanese.  That is, until 'Big Bang'.  Now T. Rowe Price is working with Sumitomo Bank and Daiwa Securities, and so far things seem to be working pretty well.

Encyclopedia Britannica: A Diversity of Businesses in Japan

         Language schools.  Publishing.  Information services.  With both successes and failures under their belt, Encyclopedia Britannica has learned alot in thirty years about what it takes to succeed in Japan as a services company.  With Suntory, Toppan, and TBS as partners, Britannica Japan is now putting a major effort into restructuring and building their businesses.  Here's the untold story.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Rohm and Haas expands in Japan (only our readers know how); Tower Records creates excitement for the coolest of youth; Securitization market set to explode?  Bear, Stearns among those adding staff; Software localization; and more...   

A Specialist Offers Advice: "The Things Foreign Businesspeople Do that Really Annoy Japanese"

Your Japanese colleagues and partners will rarely share thoughts like these with you.  But our writer is an insider, and she'll tell you how Japanese really feel about you.  If you're ready...

Travel Watch

Two years later, what effect did the 1998 Japan-US bilateral airline treaty have on economy class fares?  We give you some hard data.

Plus much more...

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