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Highlights: November 1999 Issue

Federal Express: A Global Company Grows Up in Japan

After fifteen years in Japan, Federal Express is finally making the country its own through careful expansion and selective alliances.   We speak directly with the head of Fedex's Japan operations and get the inside scoop on their approach to Japan.

How does FedEx market itself in Japan?  How is it positioning itself to take advantage of Japanese corporate restructuring and the rush towards supply-chain management solutions?  What's the strategy behind its partnerships with Nippon Express ('Nittsu'), PakMail and Kinko's Japan?  What are its plans for pricing, staffing, and the Japanese internet? Subscribers will learn all this and more.

Three-Five Systems: Japan Distribution Helps Proprietary Technology Firm Break Out

Three-Five Systems, a leading maker of next-generation microdisplays for cellular and internet telephones, has joined with Mitsui Electronics in a distribution agreement designed to capture major share in the emerging world OEM market for microdisplays. The displays will be used in next-generation cellular phones, televisions, computers and internet appliances of various types.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

A lean Reebok focuses on new Japan marketing approaches, another Japan-oriented foreign internet start-up prepares to unveil itself, AC Nielsen to revamp Japan service offerings, Pfizer's Japan tax penalty -- it's not what it seems, Japan bankruptcy stats by industry tell the tale...  

Japan Observer: A Meeting at Softbank

An inside look at what it's like to present your company to Softbank executives in Japan. Our contributor actually presented his company, and shares his observations about the meeting and Softbank executives.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Human Resources: A Critical Component of Japan M&A":

The first part of our two-part series.

Plus much more...

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