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Highlights: December 2001 Issue

Disney Internet Group Prepares for a Different Wireless Tomorrow

"It's all about establishing the brand," the General Manager of Walt Disney Internet Group (Japan) tell us.  Both Disney's fixed and wireless internet strategies in Japan are focused on building Disney's internet brand name and preparing for the emerging business models of tomorrow. Why depend solely on DoCoMo or J-Phone?  For one thing, Disney is integrating its content directly into mobile handsets at manufacture.  Learn about Disney's Japan strategy, its brand-building activities, and its ambitions for Japan as a source of exportable content, in this exclusive look inside.

National Semiconductor Japan: It's Got Its Ear to the Ground

Japan sales are up eleven percent. Not bad in such a sour economy, especially when you supply hi-performance circuits for flat panel displays, information appliances, and network products, and to companies as diverse as Fujitsu and Takaoka.   Find out what's happening in a number of semiconductor markets in Japan as National's Japan president describes his company's Japan approach, its organization and compensation practices, its strategy for growth, and more.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Profitable Management Lessons from the Call Center"

Our specialist contributor this month has spent many years assisting global consumer, financial and e-commerce companies set up telephone marketing operations and support in Japan.  She discusses the lessons she and her clients have learned about Japanese workers' communication styles, loyalty, thoughtfulness, and fear of failure.  Why would a company president bring chocolate to another firm's telephone service representatives?  Why would a receptionist not share a company's contact data with the company's own vendor?  These and other lessons revealed.

Japan Observer: A Night in the Hostess Bar

Supposedly traditional Japanese entertainment venues are dying out. But our writer was hosted at that most unique form of Japanese evening entertainment, the traditional, old-style, hostess bar. As he tells of his experience and observations from a place few foreigners ever get to go, readers may get the impression that Japanese business traditions die hard.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Merger rumours in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry; Ripplewood bets on foreign managers; JCCI dinner; etc.

From the Editors

Private Equity in Japan...

Plus much more...

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